As a concert organizer, Mosa enjoys presenting music outside of traditional performance halls.

In a special partnership with Groupmuse in summer 2017, she presented two sold-out "massivemuses" - at a chocolate factory in Brooklyn and a coworking space in San Francisco. To increase awareness of interdisciplinary collaborations between movement, electronics, and music, she invited composer Scott Rubin to share with the Groupmusers in San Francisco a piece featuring a dancer manipulating electronics using motion sensors.

In summer 2016, Mosa launched Celloscape, a collective of cellists in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to performing new music. The debut concert, held at Bruce Beasley's Sculpture Studio in Oakland, was generously sponsored by Mrs. Laurence Beasley, Jennifer Howard, Marco Rozzano, and Linda Barnett.  

While a student at UC Berkeley and then freelancer after graduating, Mosa produced and programmed concerts for Celli@Berkeley, a 12-piece cello ensemble, in the Berkeley Art Museum that featured performances of:

joshua carro - spacial for 12 cellos - *World premiere

Georg K. Hilmarsson - Þú hrjúfa Fold for 8 cellos, tam tam and electronics - *World premiere

Jared Redmond - Deep Song for soprano and 12 cellos - *World premiere

Amadeus Regucera - OPEN for 3 cellos and electronics - *World premiere